ConBuilder Utility Suite

ConBuilder, MSTSmanager and Joe's Utilities.
Tools to aid in the enjoyment of using Microsoft Train Simulator

  • Available for simultaneous installation/operation on 2 systems per purchase.
  • MSTSManager and the Utilities are included in package.
  • Program Requirements: Any Windows desktop from XP to Windows 8,x, 32 or 64 bit in ,English. Shape Viewer (Optional)
  • FREE Automated Upgrades: (Go to the Private Support Forum and view "Announcements")
  • Now works with WIndows 8.x
  • Purchases: Before continuing or placing an order, read everything on this page,
  • Payments accepted thru PayPal. A PayPal account is not required.
    Questions: E-mail Us first so there is no confusion.
  • Now works with ORTS (Open Rails Train Simulator) also. Just click here to get there .


  • NOTE: ConBuilder has a serial number for the purchaser and a license file for each system. Each purchase is good for 2 systems only. System info will be collected at the time of installation. Your personal Serial Number is included in the download link. No personal info is collected. only system hardware infoRegistery values are not used. If this is a problem, THEN DO NOT PURCHASE. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS ONCE THE LINK IS SENT OUT..
  • All sales are Final. Once the download has been sent, there will be no refunds and the download link will expire in 36 hours. If download fails, send us an E-mail Not Paypal. We are not responsible if your ISP denys our e-mails, if we are notified that it was, we will re-email you for a different address to use.
  • If you do not agree with the two items above, do not purchase this program.
  • Check to see that you are not blocking emails from us. If you use a spam blocking site, you will need to add conbuilder AT support AT and sales AT to receive instructions.
  • If you use a different e-mail on the forum than the one for PayPal, we need to know that, or your validation will be delayed.
  • If you use a business e-mail and/or name to purchase, we still need your first and last name. If it is not in the notes or your e-mail, nothing will be sent out except another e-mail asking for your name.
  • If you use a PayPal account that is not in your own name, please send an additional e-mail letting us know. for example, Your Mother's or wife's account.
  • ConBuilder Private Support Forum membership is required to upgrade and to obtain support. If You have forgotten Your login details, then e-mail to regain access.
  • ConBuilder works only with English. If your operating system uses something else it may have problems. The reason is in the way numbers are separated. If your language uses a comma(,) rather than a decimal point(.), CB will error.


  • Click on a PayPal Buy Now button below.
  • Execute PayPal process.   (Note: If You use an E-check, it takes nine( 9) days to clear, no processing will be done until it does.)
  • Serial Number is at the bottom of the e-mail that has your download link. You must allow thru Your Spam Blockers..
  • After download is complete, run Installer CBMsetup.exe from Temp folder on PC a CD.
  • Follow instructions of the Installer.
  • Installer will FTP your system data to us for creating your License (if PC is connected to internet). You must e-mail Us that Your file has been uploaded, we don't check the server everyday.
  • Follow instructions of displayed web page.
    Instructions will have you run a program that will fetch your license and install it.
  • Run ConBuilder to setup with your MSTS installation.
  • Register on Support Forum. (See Important Notes.)

    ConBuilder Download $30.00

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