ConBuilder Utility Suite

ConBuilder, MSTSmanager and Joe's Utilities.
Tools to aid in the enjoyment of using Microsoft Train Simulator and OpenRails.

  • Available for simultaneous installation/operation on 2 systems per purchase.
  • MSTSManager and the Utilities are included in package.
  • Program Requirements: Any Windows PC with Windows 7, Windows 8.x, and Windows 10 - 32 or 64 bit in ,English, with MSTSbin or ORTS. Shape Viewer (Optional)
  • Free updates are now available on Our forum.
  • Purchases: Before continuing or placing an order, read everything on this page, especially the PURCHASE PROCESS and IMPORTANT NOTES.
  • Payments accepted thru PayPal using your paypal account, if You have one, credit and debit cards can also be used. A PayPal account is not required.
    Questions: E-mail Us first so there is no confusion.
  • Now works with ORTS (Open Rails Train Simulator) also. Just click here to get there .


  • NOTE: ConBuilder has a serial number for the purchaser and a license file for each system.Your personal Serial Number is included in the download link. Each purchase is good for 2 systems only. System info will be collected at the time of installation. .Only system hardware info is used.
  • All sales are Final. Once the download has been sent, there will be no refunds and the download link will expire in 36 hours. If download fails, send us an E-mail Not Paypal. We are not responsible if your ISP denys our e-mails, if we are notified that it was, we will re-email you for a different address to use.
  • If you do not agree with the two items above, do not purchase this program.
  • Check to see that you are not blocking emails from us. If you use a spam blocking site, you will need to add conbuilder AT support AT and sales AT to receive instructions.
  • If you use a different e-mail on the forum than the one for PayPal, we need to know that, or your validation will be delayed.
  • If you use a business e-mail and/or name to purchase, we still need your first and last name. If it is not in the notes or your e-mail, nothing will be sent out except another e-mail asking for your name.
  • If you use a PayPal account that is not in your own name, please send an additional e-mail letting us know. for example, Your Mother's or wife's account.
  • ConBuilder Private Support Forum membership is required to upgrade and to obtain support. If You have forgotten Your login details, then e-mail to regain access.
  • ConBuilder works only with English. If your operating system uses something else it may have problems. The reason is in the way numbers are separated. If your language uses a comma(,) rather than a decimal point(.), CB will error.


  • Click on a PayPal Buy Now button below.
  • Execute PayPal process.   (Note: If You use an E-check, it takes nine( 9) days to clear, no processing will be done until it does.)
  • Serial Number is at the bottom of the e-mail that has your download link. You must allow thru Your Spam Blockers..
  • After download is complete, run Installer CBMsetup.exe from Temp folder on PC a CD.
  • Follow the instructions as the Installer runs.
  • Installer will FTP your system data to us for creating your License (if PC is connected to internet). You must e-mail Us that Your file has been uploaded, we don't check the server everyday.
  • Follow instructions of displayed web page.
    Instructions will have you run a program that will fetch your license and install it.
  • Run ConBuilder to setup with your MSTS installation.
  • Register on Support Forum. (See Important Notes.)

    ConBuilder Download $30.00

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